HCM offers over a decade of recruitment experience in the local Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Science Marketplace. We are uniquely positioned to identify, track and secure the people who will drive value from your data.

Data Science Experts & Data Analysts that can use analytics to uncover actionable insight are increasingly important to success of our clients and a core part of our business is placing highly skilled individuals in this area, with strong statistical backgrounds and technical knowledge across R, Tableau and SQL.

Our focus is working with people that can use a combination of critical thinking, business acumen, statistical and data interrogation techniques to make sense out data, rather than the tools they are working with.

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Consulting Partners are constrained in terms of time and tools; often they require very specific skill-sets, especially across Business intelligence and Data Warehouse products. This is where working with specialist Data recruiters, who truly understand the market, is critical to bringing on the right talent to gain competitive advantage and finding that rare and unique set of skills within tight timeframes.

Many of our clients regard us as a trusted adviser in this space; we act as our Clients’ brand champions to sell their business’s opportunities to Data Consultants, Australia-wide.